Cronulla South Public School

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Principal's Message

Many principal messages start with the words, 'It is a deep privilege,' or 'I am so proud!' Well, take that as read! As I write this, 8 months have passed since I took the role of principal at this fabulous school. It is packed to the rafters with amazing kids, terrific teachers and the community is caring, brimming with high expectations. For me, it is about delivering this environment where every child is known valued and cared for, where classrooms deliver explicit teaching driven by great feedback in a framework of formative assessment. Where the resources of the school are brought to create the best opportunities for all.

While I'm a new principal at Cronulla South Public School, I have a background in academia, have taught in three schools and have 5 years of prior experience as a principal. I'm a collaborative leader who likes to work with people and realise their potential. 

If you live in our area local catchment area and have students of school age, why not come by and make an appointment to meet with me and get a tour of our great facilities. 

Dr Neil Lavitt - B.Sc. Mapp.Sc. PhD B.Teach