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Ordering School Uniforms

Cronulla South Public School redesigned our school uniform in 2022 to create a modern and comfortable one suitable for girls and boys. While there are warmer options for the winter months, the uniform stays the same. Long arms for winter and short arms for summer combine with jerseys and jackets that may be worn any time depending on the weather rather than the season. Our girls can wear a polo shirt or a dress and choose shorts, skorts or long trousers. They may also wear the dress option when desired.

Link to the online ordering portal  Midford Online Ordering Portal.

The details of the ordering process, price lists and information about delivery, refunds and return are laid out in the PDF document attached in the link below.

Welcome to Midford Uniforms


Deliveries can either be directly to your home for a fee, while deliveries, where the school is the point of pick up are cost-free. As long as the order is made by Friday of the week of term (except the last week of term) or the week just before term starts will be available the following Wednesday, as deliveries to the school are made on Tuesdays to be available Wednesday. These can be sent home with your child or collected directly from the school office. 

Back to School Vouchers

The NSW Government has released a three-times $50 voucher that can be used for back-to-school expenses. Uniforms come under the banner; we believe the vouchers are valid for six months. The Midford website can now redeem these vouchers.