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Parents & Citizens

Benefits of Participating

P&C activities create opportunities for parents and carers, students and staff to interact, which help to build a feeling of respect and a stronger, safer, school community.

When you participate, you benefit by:

  • Meeting other parents in the community
  • Understanding more about what happens at school
  • Getting to know the Principal and teachers better
  • Sharing your skills with other parents/teachers and learning new ones
  • Setting an example for children to participate in their school community

Your children will benefit too. Research shows that parent involvement leads to better educational, social and emotional outcomes for children. In addition, a report from the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY) has found that parental involvement contributes to overall student positive attainment, behaviour and attendance at school.

How Can I Help?

The P&C values the rich diversity of skills and experiences that each family brings to the school. We appreciate any help that families are able to offer.

Ways you can help include:

  • Help for a few hours in the canteen
  • Assist at P&C events and school events as required
  • Help with the Fathering Project (organise fun activities for Dads and their kids to provide a safe and inclusive environment to learn, share and connect with each other)
  • Sourcing prizes or sponsors for events as required
  • Attend P&C meetings or participate on P&C sub-committees
  • Bake for fundraising events or cook at our fundraising BBQ’s
  • Respond to specific requests for help from your child’s teacher or the school
  • Be a parent helper for the K-2 Reading program
  • Utilise your professional skills out of school hours

To find a job that suits you, come along to a P&C meeting or join our email distribution list. We will only sign you up to something if you request to help!

Some of the skills that would help:

  • Marketing, PR, or social media
  • Administration skills
  • Grant application writing
  • Videography or photography

Do you have a skill that you’d like to offer? We’d love to hear from you!

Next Meeting

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The CSPS Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association is the focal point for parent and carer involvement at the school and provides a place to be informed and discuss matters of interest relating to the school and community.

All parents or guardians of children at CSPS are automatically members of the P&C and are encouraged to be involved.

The P&C holds regular meetings, usually in week 3 and week 8 of the term. These are normally held in the library on the southern site, however, COVID-19 has meant that online meetings are currently being held. All parents and carers are welcome to attend, hear about what is happening around the school, propose ideas and participate.

Each March, an Annual General Meeting is held and an executive committee is appointed. Nominations and votes come from members who attend that meeting.

The executive committee oversees the Association’s operation while co-ordinators or sub-committees look after each of the services which the P&C provides.



  • The P&C provides strong community support for the school by encouraging parents and carers to be involved in the workings of the school.
  • We run many events and provide a number of services for students and families.

These include:

  • A School Canteen with a focus on healthy food choices
  • A uniform shop and second-hand uniform pool at the school
  • Events such as discos, Lapathon, Footy Fever day, Trivia night, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls
  • Fundraising and applying for grants to provide improvements to the school and new resources for all students
  • Green team – participating in gardening through the Leader in Me program