Cronulla South Public School

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About our school

Cronulla South Public School is located in the southern coastal suburbs of Sydney and has a population of approximately 260 students. The school and wider community have high expectations for learning and behaviour and provide the support necessary for the students to meet those expectations. 

Student learning is focussed on literacy and numeracy and staff are committed to catering for the needs of all students through quality teaching programs. Specialist teachers, such as learning support, school learning support officers, English as an additional language or dialect and COVID Individual Learning Support Teachers are employed to help support students. The school integrates technology into all facets of the curriculum including a focus on STEM, digital technology design and film–making and news.

Students participate in inter-school sport and have the opportunity to perform in choirs, band and dance.  Cronulla South Public School welcomes and encourages parental and community involvement and works closely with the P&C.

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